At Behbehani Brothers we understand the distress that being involved in a traffic accident can cause. We also know that returning the vehicle back to the exacting standards required by both our Manufacturers and our customers is paramount.

To support this we have invested in a 2000m square accident repair centre that is fully equipped with Cellete straightening benches with electronic measuring systems, Modern Paint Booths and preparation areas and all the associated specialist tools required for the modern repair methdos now used.

Add to this our investment in training of staff by our Brands and paint suppliers and you can rest assured that all our repairs are completed to the highest of standards.

In 2010 we migrated to Waterborne paints which mirror the application your vehicle receives from the factory on production. An added plus is the environmental benefits associated with this method.

In our Body shop paint booths we have added Easy paint dry robots with SPAP system.

Compared to conventional drying system, the advantages brought by use of these Easydry robots combined with the SPAP system are:

  1. 80% less paint application time.
  2. 60-70% less paint drying time compared to conventional drying system. For instance, it is possible to paint    and dry the complete front end of a vehicle: bonnet, two mudguards and bumpers in about 30/40 minutes. 
  3. 80% less power consumption for drying.
  4. A paint shop technician using Easy dry installed in a paint booth could complete eight-ten (painting and drying) jobs in a standard day of eight working hours. 

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